I love Talent Show Day.

Let me repeat that.

I LOVE TALENT SHOW DAY. I’m always dumbfounded by the hidden brilliance of some of our students, surprised by the music choices, and impressed with the courage of the ones so thunderstruck on stage that they just move from side to side (but don’t run off). The 1st grader who forgot the poem he was reciting, stared at the ceiling, then announced (twice), “Okay, I remember” will live in my heart forever. The 5th grader who played “Let’s Get It Started” by the Black Eyed Peas on his clarinet? After his little brother (1st grade) came out, sang the title, and ran off stage? Made my week. Last year there was one 5th grader dancing to Michael Jackson (exactly 1 week before he died), and I thought he was awesome and old school. This year there were at least 4 Michael Jackson numbers. They’re kids, and it’s awesome.

One of the 1st grade teachers taught her whole class the “Thriller” dance, and they were an army of very adorable zombies. Are zombies allowed to be adorable?

The 4th grade boys breakdancing to “Empire State of Mind” were pretty delightful. I was sitting next to 2 first graders, and I turned to them and said, “This is my jam.” They burst out laughing and said, “Mrs. Reeve, you’re crazy!” And I said, “Am I embarrassing you yet? Are you wishing I’d move because I’m so uncool?” They almost fell off the bleachers laughing, but didn’t actually give me an answer….