That’s what I’ve had. It’s really been a great one.

On Friday I went to the Rutgers Farmers Market with my friend Meredith. I didn’t buy any fruits or veg (after complaining about how my local farmers market doesn’t have enough), but I did get this glorious haul:

Some Valley Thunder cheddar and some Hunterdon cheese from Valley Shepherd Creamery. I really do love that place, glad to see them out here. I also bought some of their butter, which is amazing.

WoodsEdge Wool Farms out of Stockton, NJ had this hand-dyed alpaca yarn that was seriously to die for. I bought one skein, I think I’ll try to make a winter hat.

Village Bakery in Lawrenceville was out with this phenomenal bacon bread. I also bought a loaf of pumpernickel, and that plus my Valley Shepherd haul and some wine was all Adam and I needed for dinner last night. So good.

Yesterday we went to see Scott Pilgrim Vs. The World (unbelievably fun) and had a domestic kind of day. And today, we went to Point Pleasant with my niece and co. I took a bunch of pictures on this grey, cool, really chilled out day, but these 2 with my brother and niece are my favorites.