I swear, I’m losing my mind this month. My last day of school is a week from tomorrow, and between dealing with cars (we just turned in the leased car last night), the patio, and all of the end of year stuff at work I’m just beat. I have no idea how much more blogging I’ll be doing over the next week.

But, I committed to 3 bees (agh!), and so I will complete all of my June blocks. I’m really happy with my June blocks for Not Your Grandma’s Quilting Bee, and I’m especially happy to see them finished and ready to be mailed off.

These were the fabrics Lael picked for her trees and houses.

I thought Lael’s world of houses could use a downtown. I wish it wasn’t so wonky around the edges, but I won’t lie: I’m racing to get these blocks finished with everything else happening around here.

I made one big tree block that unfortunately is more like 9.5″ square than the 10″ Lael asked for. I hope she can still use it! She sent me the scrap with the dog on it, I had to use him.