Yesterday it was again time for the Big Apple BBQ Block Party. And it didn’t rain on us this year!

Our timing was a lot better this year. We got there right at 11 when it opened, and the lines in the Fastpass section were really short. Last year it was later when we arrived, and the lines were already huge. By 2pm we’d used up our entire pass (including some t-shirt purchases) and were ready to head out, and this was also the time when things hit a fever pitch of chaos. Bands started playing in the beer garden, so everything was really loud. Crowds were packing it in. So we had a much nicer experience this year. And we met up with our friends Laura Ann, Mike, Katsuko, and Mike and Katsuko’s 2 daughters. The little girls tired out pretty early, so when he and the family left he gave Laura Ann his Fastpass. Nice!

Adam being That Guy, wearing the shirt from last year's BBQ

Ribs and beans from 17th St. Bar and Grill in IL

The boys from Jack's Old South in GA sawing some brisket

Laura Ann scored a Fastpass, and I scored some of Jack's brisket

Wood. Lots and lots of wood.

Pork steak sandwich from Wildwood BBQ in New York

A juggler in the park

The equipment at Ed Mitchell's The Pit, still our favorite food at the whole event.

The craziest thing we saw all day. A stripper advertising a BBQ joint. Love the driver on the cell phone.

She does make me want to eat at The Hog Pit