Today is officially Christmas, and it’s the 3rd celebration for us after my family’s and our Adam & Jackie celebration. It’s been an enjoyable English Christmas, and I’m taking the opportunity to post while we’re sacked out on the couch watching Top Gear.


The Christmas tree at my in-laws’.


Champagne and prezzies.


Adam’s parents gave me this Flip camcorder, which was on my wishlist in this exact design. It’s apparently not so easy to get hold of this design anymore, so I really appreciate them tracking it down. I love it.

We did the Adopt-A-Building program for Adam’s dad and stepmom. We adopted the hotel suite where they had their wedding in NYC. Joyce liked her ornament, too.


My big gift to Adam were these (apparently) very serious earphones. These are Ultimate Ears TripleFi 10 vi, and I didn’t think they’d come in time for Christmas. But they arrived under the wire, and he’s been playing with them all day.


The men cooking. Husband and father-in-law taking care of Christmas lunch. Adam’s father cooks Christmas lunch every year, from turkey to sausage stuffing balls. Chestnut stuffing, Stove Top for the American (me), killer gravy, potatoes roasted in goose fat, brussel sprouts and cauliflower, chipolatas (small English sausage links) wrapped in bacon. We’ve been grazing since we ate at 1 this afternoon.


The Feast.


Watching The Queen’s annual Christmas speech at 3pm.

Merry Christmas, everyone!!