Last year I made our niece Cleo a personal diary for Christmas. I loved making that book, and I’ve been collecting cool papers with the hopes of making another one.

At the beginning of the month I lamented about the lack of cute plan books for school. This is the 2nd year I have searched and failed to find a fun looking grade book and lesson plan book. So I actually did make my own, using some of my favorite papers, and I’m really happy with them. They have the number of pages I need, no more no less (I hate wasting paper). And the covers are personalized and fun. These will make me happy everytime I use them, so I think this project was a big win. Now I’m thinking about making an agenda to go with them.

plan books

Both books, plan book on the right and attendance (grade) book on the left. I don’t give out grades at my school, but I do need a book with all the rosters of students.

front and back

The front and back of each book.


I love this paper.

pages inside

Some of the pages inside.

some of the papers

If I make an agenda, it will be with these papers at the bottom.

So all in all, with laminating and binding plus photocopes, the attendance book cost me $10 and the lesson plan book cost me about $12.50. Not bad at all.