We kind of took it easy today, I honestly think all 5 of us are completely exhausted. We all went to Belvedere this morning to look at the gardens and walk through the big gallery at the top of the hill.

belvedere gardens

belvedere sculpture

It was just too hot to be cultural this afternoon, so we split up and Adam and I went shopping. He’s a trooper, we trekked out to Exquisity Patchwork, the only quilting store I was able to find in Vienna. I did a little online research on this, apparently quilting is a fairly new craft in Austria. So the number of people who do it are few and far between, and the shops that do exist import most of their stuff from the US. So it’s expensive (about $25 a yard for things that would cost about $8 in the US). But I did find a few interesting fat quarters, and it’s always fun to visit a new shop.

exquisity patchwork

We had petit fours at a branch of Aida, a cafe chain that seems to be everywhere here. We wandered through bookshops, housewares stores (I bought a madeleine pan for 4 Euros!!), and I’m now coveting a purple Birkin knockoff made of Italian leather for 95 Euros. I’m still thinking about that bag, and I’m wondering if I need to make a detour back over to that shop….

aida petit fours