budapest fabricWe left Budapest by train today at lunchtime. We took the Austrian railway, but before we left I went to a fabric shop that Adam had spotted. Most of the fabrics that I could use were brands I could find in the States, but it was still fun to try out my Magyar and pick up a few things. No idea what the shop’s called, but it was just up the road from our hotel, Sofitel.

Then we got on the train, which was lovely. And had really good sandwiches and wonderful service.┬áIt wasn’t a bad way to spend 3 hours. I got to see fields of the famous windmills.

windmillsNow we’ve arrived in Vienna at the Grand Hotel, which is so old school. Everything’s gilded, I felt very overdressed in my travel-worn khakis and t-shirt. We walked around looking at lots of cultural things, it’s a much bigger city than Budapest. And there’s a surprising amount of construction happening. We saw the opera house, the palace, we had coffee and streudel at a cafe.

But this was the coolest thing I saw today.

breakdancer in Vienna