My mother came to our house after the cookout today and delivered a Mom Trifecta. She dropped off 3 sets of homemade goodies, all worth blogging about. I’m spreading them out over the next few days to let each soak in, and I’m starting with The Most Awesome of Them All.

As I’ve mentioned before, our first wedding anniversary was on May 19th. This was my mom’s gift to us, which she’d sent out to be quilted back in May and just got back. I’ve also mentioned on this blog that Adam and I went on a safari a few years back, which until the honeymoon was the most amazing trip either of us had ever been on. So my mother, also knowing how I love a Crayola world (as my friend Walter suggested recently), made us this African themed quilt.

I think this is amazing. Adam and I are both awed by the amount of skill and love that went into this. My mom has been working on this gift since our actual wedding, and it’s finally ready to show off. I’m just stunned at the love and thought that has gone into our anniversary gifts. We’re going to hang this on a wall somewhere so we can always see it.

I think I’m quite a ways away from this level of skill, but I’ve got something to work towards. The apple doesn’t fall far from the tree, after all, as my mother is also a librarian, a great cook, and knows how to strike a sassy pose.

She even made us a custom tag based on my elephant picture.