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I love lilies. All kinds of lilies: day, calla, regular ol’. That’s what our front garden is filled with. I finally got our front flowerbeds weeded and mulched last week, and the flowers are looking so gorgeous this year! We still have a giant space in the middle of our big bed that seems to be a deathtrap for whatever we plant there, but otherwise it’s looking great.

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Check out how incredibly ginormous our daisy bushes have gotten since everything on the patio was planted last summer.

Those roses are no slouch, either. I love it back there!

Remember this? We’ve gotten so much better about the whole yard thing since then. Once the patio arrived last year we started getting better.

Adam and I spent the entire weekend prepping all our flowerbeds for the season. And I literally mean the ENTIRE. WEEKEND. Four trips to Lowes, 24 bags of mulch, 19 plants, several bags of soil…you get the idea. We are exhausted, but as of this afternoon it’s done. Now we keep working on the lawn (which took a beating when the patio was built last year), and I’m thinking about growing tomatoes this year. Maybe. I’m not sure, but we’ll see. If Adam helps me build a raised bed for them.

The burning bushes got so big I had to prune them back. I’ve planted 9 more lily plants in the big flowerbed this year, I might add even more. We put a Common Boneset between the bushes, but it’s not too happy there.

I planted a bunch of daylilies in the small flowerbed. We had some tulips come up, but they’re already leaving for the season.

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I don’t know why, but when I realized what today’s date was I had to get out of the house. I didn’t realize it was October 10, 2010 until nearly 4pm, but then I had this need to go pumpkin picking. It’s entirely possible that the remaining fuzziness from this week’s cold led to this decision an hour or 2 before farms were closing for the day, but nonetheless. And Adam, patient man that he is, humored me. So we went to Dearborn Market, one of my favorite local spots, and pumpkins were got. So were lots of other goodies. Now I feel like it’s October.

The mums and greenery were just awesome.

So was this grilled brat that Adam devoured. With some help from his darling wife.

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It’s time again for me to launch my annual full-scale assault on the grass that grows in the front flowerbed. I have no idea how and why this grass grows so persistently, especially since I’ve hardly watered that bed at all this summer (even through the drought). We’ve been so busy keeping the patio alive, so many of those plants are struggling after the drought we had here in NJ at the beginning of July. But the flowers and bushes are doing fine, so I’m working on killing the grass and weeds so that I can then mulch the dickens out of it.

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Okay, so it’s actually an herb pot. Last weekend we got a big terracotta pot and a bunch of different herbs, I’m hoping they’ll take to the new environment. I’m trying to catch up on some things after being in a serious funk last week. This is one of them. My herbs are wilting a little in the face of all the heat, but I’m hoping that with watering and some rain they’ll perk up. The basil tastes amazing, so much better than getting it from the store. If this works, next year maybe I’ll put in an actual herb garden.

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I’ve spent the past couple of hours carving pumpkins for Halloween. I carved 5 pumpkins using 2 ideas from Martha: black jack o’lanterns and orange spooky villages. I haven’t carved a pumpkin in many years, and this was so much fun. I’m definitely done decorating for Halloween, this is as big as I’ll get this year.

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IMG_2446Is gorgeous for fall! I love it.

The weather is finally starting to feel like October again after a horrible last week of rain and cold. Now it’s back to being the Best Month Ever!

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The ones with the wild lawn and the jungle for a flowerbed. This is because a) I’ve learned that I really dislike gardening; b) somehow tons of grass seed got into the flowerbed and really took to all that soil TLC we did in the spring; and c) it takes Adam a really long time to mow the whole lawn with his pusher mower. One of our friendly neighbors with a rider mower had been doing our lawn and that of the senior citizen next door (this makes our yard self esteem so much higher), but his mower broke.

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Apparently, when we leave town for a week and NJ gets hit with endless rain, this is what happens to the flowerbed:

jungle flowerbed

I can’t even begin to wrap my head around all the grass and weeds that grew in such a short time. There’s no way I can weed all that, and I can’t even tell where my flower bulbs would be to pull them up and save them. I’m afraid that, in the words of Sigourney Weaver in Aliens, we’ll have to “nuke the entire site for morbid. It’s the only way to be sure.” Hopefully I can save the bushes and most of the bulbs. But it’s still gross and rainy, so by the time I can get out there and do something about this situation the grass may have engulfed the house.

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