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“I love dogs! They’re my favorite pet animals.”
“I love parrots! They’re my favorite birds.”
“I love dolphins! They’re my favorite sea animals.”
“I love lions! They’re my favorite big animals.”
“I love dinosaurs! They’re my favorite reptiles.”
“I love spiders! They’re my favorite bugs.”

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Went to school.

Ate donuts.

Went to the fabric store for thread.

Didn’t buy thread, but bought this Valentine mailbox kit and put it together:

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I’ve been picking up a few things ahead of my birthday next week that just make me smile. This octopus gives me the happies, I picked him up at Target last week. He’s sitting in my studio looking down at me with his piratey, cephalopod ways.

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I almost never remember this anniversary, but yesterday it just hit me. Adam and I were both home sick with different bugs, and I was poking around in my calendar. And I realized that today is the 16th, and that’s my blog birthday.

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Yes, I know it’s April. But it occurred to me that there were lots of fun things about last month that I didn’t want to write about as standalone posts. So, why not combine them? Especially since the grim weather is finally starting to disappear, and I can remember all the good times winter and I had without feeling stabby about the snow.

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2013ballooninflationI’m thankful for my amazing husband and daughter, who love me enough to do things like come with me to the Macy’s parade balloon inflation yesterday. In the rain, then in the freezing rain, just to help honor my favorite tradition.

I’m thankful that even though I lost my job this year I seem to be finding my way.

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<—I looked like this.

I was in Kauai, Hawaii with Adam.

It was June 30th; school had been out since the 17th.

I stared at the 1st test I took for ages, I couldn’t believe it. So I took a 2nd test.

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So, I’m home this week on doctor’s orders, battling what feels like the umpteenth case of bronchitis I’ve had in the past year. Another barrage of steroids, cough medicine, inhalers, Vitamin C, fluids, and chicken soup. So this is what I’ve been doing while confined to the couch this week:

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