Yes, I know it’s April. But it occurred to me that there were lots of fun things about last month that I didn’t want to write about as standalone posts. So, why not combine them? Especially since the grim weather is finally starting to disappear, and I can remember all the good times winter and I had without feeling stabby about the snow.

Spending the last week in Las Vegas, in the sunshine, has certainly helped my perspective on this.

So, these were things that were fun in March:


I’ve been reading through Rulhman’s Twenty, which I received as a thank you gift last summer and am only now getting to in my To Read pile. I’m really digging the recent trend in cookbooks to divide chapters by technique or ingredient, rather than by meal or even by course. Similarly, I’ve been skimming My Perfect Pantry by Geoffrey Zakarian, which has a list of 50 ingredients and 150 recipes to make that feature them. It’s a new way to think about cookbooks and cooking, and I like it.

kawaii Baymax

I scored this awesome Kawaii Baymax print from Joann Fabrics. I haven’t cut into it yet, but I’m thinking it might make another awesome little dress for H.

doctor who fabrics

Also, my mom helped me score a pile of Doctor Who prints from JoAnn. This is one of them, but I think I’m up to 5 right now. She went on a pilgrimage and found a bunch for me with her birthday coupon. That is motherly devotion right there.

sick snuggles

When I was recovering from stomach flu at the beginning of the month, this not-quite-three-year-old came to give me all of the snuggles. She loves a selfie. I love that face, it is good for what ails you.

apple print dress

I wore my new apple print dress from Boden! Twice! This is the kind of dress that demands the weather turn into spring. That trick didn’t actually work in NJ last month, but at least I felt very springy wearing it. I refused to wear tights and everything.

geeky sprinkles

And the finally, my new Geeky Sprinkles from Geeky Hostess. Technically these arrived on February 28th, but I’m calling this a March fun thing. I supported this Kickstarter way back when it was featured on GeekMom, and the sprinkles finally shipped. I haven’t made anything with them yet, but I really need to get on that this spring. Police boxes! Steampunk cogs and nuts! Harry Potter lightning bolts! There is so much win here.