We put our house on the market last month and have started packing away. Which means it’s a little quiet here on the creativity front–we’re keeping the house tidy for showings, so no ongoing projects out and taking over my studio. I’ve already started packing some supplies, and the stuff that’s boxed up now I won’t see again until we’re in a house in Seattle, after we rent for a few months.

Which is super weird! My sewing machine is still out, and really most of my craft supplies are still around, but I’ve been so busy at work, and juggling this house sale, that it’s kind of just in limbo. I found out today I may have one new project to work on before we move, but other than that I think my Bernina will be quiet for a while.

It’s a surreal time. It’s mostly waiting, and cleaning the house, and waiting, and thinking about our next steps but waiting until we can actually start them. Everyone’s still excited for the change, though, and we know it will all start happening soon.

So, until then, or until I have projects to talk about and a minute to write about them, we wait.