I started this quilt almost two years ago with a ton of sketches, and it is finally, finally finished. I don’t know why I’ve never posted photos of the progress on this quilt, only sketches. But I’ve worked on it, put it aside, finished the top, put it aside for months upon months before making the backing, and then putting it aside again before I finally got it quilted and bound. But now it’s done…just in time for us to move out of this house, and out of this bedroom that we specifically painted to coordinate with this quilt. It’s like the curse of the boyfriend sweater, but for bedrooms.

This king size quilt is made of 100 half square triangles, 10 rows of 10, 9″ finished. This is the biggest quilt I’ve ever made, by a mile. And it’s all Kona solids. Two shades of turquoise, two shades of gray, two shades of mint/pale blue, two shades of orange, two shades of teal, to give it kind of an ombre look.

I made the top in 2016 but then put it aside for almost a year before I started the backing. And for that I just used up all of the scraps I could. I used scraps for the binding, too.

And then earlier this month I finally got it quilted. I was going to quilt it myself at Olde City Quilts, I’ve taken their longarm lessons. But it didn’t work out, so they eventually quilted it for me. With bubbles. And I love it!

And now it’s washed, dried, and on our bed.