We took advantage of the crazy heat last week to melt some crayons into cookie cutters to make some fun new rainbow sun crayons. I’ve seen these done everywhere and never tried them, but H thought the colors of the melted wax were pretty neat. She called it “hot lava” and loved the swirls.


Of the 7 shapes we tried, we ended up with 4 good crayons. Darker colors melt much, much faster, and some of my cookie cutters weren’t perfectly flat. So the sewing machine, pineapple, and apple ended up with liquid wax that just ran right out from under the cutter. I tried a few times, and I could’ve weighed down the shapes, but for this round we decided to call it a day with 4 fun shapes that are a great size and texture for H to hold in her hand.


I cut all the papers off ahead of time, and she helped me break the crayons. I put wax paper down on a baking pan because I knew the runoff wax would be easier to peel off if we wanted to use it for something else.


We loaded them into the shapes and put them outside in the heat. And waited for magic!



These are so neat while they’re melting. See how the darker colors melt so much faster? Which makes sense because SCIENCE. Dark colors absorb more heat. Which made for a fun little experiment explanation for H, but I don’t know how interested she was. She wanted to see the final project.


We may try this again with new shapes and all these super hot days we have coming up. But our star, dolphin, heart, and circle were a really fun start.