We had a quiet week around town this week, but last week we headed out to Coney Island with my mom. We have a WCS membership, so we went to the NY Aquarium, which is still being rebuilt after Sandy.


So most of the aquarium was still closed, but we had a good time with fish, walruses, and sharks.



IMG_9961Then we headed over to the Coney Island boardwalk. My mom found a spot with covered benches to look at the ocean while H and I did a quick run over to the pier to ride a few rides.




And then we brought some hot dogs back to my mom. This was the first time I’d ever actually been to the original Nathan’s, and I hadn’t been to Coney Island in a decade.


The hot dogs are as delicious as I thought they’d be.

Adam and I helped paint part of this mural, which was damaged in the hurricane. That was the last time I was out there, when we helped paint.


It was a fun afternoon, I can’t wait to see the aquarium when it’s fully rebuilt. But it was nice to use our WCS membership, and it was really nice to putter around with my mom.