I turned 37 on the 10th, and I had a great birthday this year. I actually love my birthdays, but this one was especially good. My birthdays stressed me out until I turned 30, and then I realized they weren’t actually scary. Every year older felt like a year of life earned and-well lived. And then I started embracing them with shenanigans and hijinks every year.

This year, Adam and I went to see Bruce Willis on Broadway. He and Laurie Metcalf (who was just superb) were in an incredibly camp version of Stephen King’s Misery. The run ends tomorrow on Valentine’s Day, and I’m so glad we went. It was very cool to see Bruce live; he wasn’t the better actor in this show, but he had a great sense of humor about the entire event. He was enjoying Metcalf as much as we were, it was so much fun.


H spent the night at Camp Nana, and we spent the night at the Cambria on 46th St. Super nice staff, easy location, comfy room, great price. All the good things.

IMG_5041And there was a 2 Bros. slice shop across the street! I may have snuck in a couple of slices before heading back home.


I did a little birthday shopping before meeting up with Adam after work.

IMG_5064We had an easy dinner at Bonchon. Korean wings, libations, Parmesan fries, potstickers. Good birthday comfort food on a cold night. There was a Crumbs bakery around the corner, so we stopped for birthday cupcakes on our way to the show. It’s often snowing and cold on my birthday, but having it so close to Valentine’s Day means I’m at least never at a lost for sweet treats.


Speaking of snow, we got a sprinkling the morning of my birthday. Wouldn’t be my birthday without snow on the ground!


Last weekend we celebrated my birthday with the family by heading to Urban Burger. This place was an amazing dive burger spot. This was my wicked blue burger, and it was basically taller than H. I had no idea, I ended up taking off that giant tower of onion rings to be able to get at it. But, oh, it was so delicious.

And that was my birthday week. Now I’m 37, so I am once again trying to get organized about the year in front of me and figuring out what it all means. Only good stuff.