I spent New Year’s Week completely redoing my studio. I threw out bags and bags of stuff, handily carried downstairs by Adam and my visiting brother-in-law Thomas. I moved furniture. I made several trips to Michaels to take advantage of their 50% off sale on craft storage. I’m really not kidding, this was my cart on one trip:

studio 2016 23

The result is a decluttered space that’s…still full of stuff. All my crafty pursuits finally organized just the way I want them. A place for everything and everything in its place, yada yada yada.

So here are some before and after photos of my shiny new workspace.

studio 2016 28

This photo above was the before view when you walked in the door. Compare it to that magnificent view at the top! I seriously love this new and improved space.

studio 2016 27

My project boxes look so much less claustrophobic now.studio 2016 4

My Cricut has moved to these shelves, and I got a Silhouette Cameo for Christmas. I had to make a space for the Cameo, which was part of the reason for the rearranging.

studio 2016 9

But mostly I just couldn’t think in the space before. This was what the desk used to look like.

studio 2016 29

studio 2016 24

studio 2016 25

This is the desk now:

studio 2016 2

studio 2016 8

studio 2016 14

studio 2016 15

studio 2016 22

I was able to put my Bernina and my little embroidery machine out on the sewing table, both ready to go. The embroidery machine used to live in storage, so I had to take it out and hook it up whenever I wanted to use it. 

Michaels had such great storage options, like this spinning desk caddy.

studio 2016 11

The shelf above my desk now has storage for planners and markers. studio 2016 12

Wall-mounted little bins for all the junk that clutters stuff up everywhere. studio 2016 13

A special bin for my planners! I feel like this will only get stuffed with more planners as time goes on, I’m a little hooked. studio 2016 16

I needed some sealed bins for things like safety pins and pushpins, because the three-year-old kept getting into the bowls I kept them in. studio 2016 17

My orange wall, before. studio 2016 32

studio 2016 26

And my orange wall now. studio 2016 3

studio 2016 5

studio 2016 6

I lowered my books off the highest shelf so that I could actually reach them, for a change. studio 2016 7

H’s easel next to mine.

studio 2016 21

My yarn closet, all tidied.

studio 2016 20

And with neat and tidy orange bins on the left inside wall!

studio 2016 19

Even all of my drawers are tidy! This one is my drawer of planner supplies.

studio 2016 30

It took a full week to declutter and organize and run back and forth getting bins and storage. But I am just in love with the space now. I can think! I can work without moving one pile of clutter over to another pile of clutter! This was a great project to start the year. It was like a crafty exorcism.

And the child approves, too.

studio 2016 18