So H graduated from feeding therapy back in the spring, and then we switched OTs from the same clinic a month or so later when we found another awesome speech and OT clinic. In the craziness of spring, end of school year, preschool prep…I never gave her old therapists gifts.

We had a check-in with her feeding therapist last week, and it was time to remedy that. So, gift baskets. I love a reason to make a goodie bag. And this was no exception.

therapy baskets 2

I loaded the baskets up with wine, charcuterie, and a healthy stash of jams I’d made over the summer (including this one and this one).

I wanted to give something to the ladies at the desk, too, so I used The Gunny Sack’s spa recipes to fill Weck jars with good stuff. Foot soak, hand scrub, sugar scrub, tea, Starbucks cards.

therapy gifts 3

This is making me hungry. And in need of a spa day.