Tomorrow is H’s first day of school in her new primary class. Which basically means, it’s her first day of preschool. And Wednesday is my first day back at work, even though our students don’t start till next Tuesday. So, really today was it. The last day of summer vacation for H and me.

August was a ride. It started with our trip to Maine, then H and I have been trying to make the most of the days we have left. Peach picking, the beach, movies, trips to Nana’s house, back to school shopping. Endless runs through the hose and backyard chalk drawings. Trips to the mall to ride rides, to visit the bookstore, to play with toys. So many movies watched while snuggled on the couch together. This summer was epic.

As witnessed by the paltry number of photos I took of myself this month, wearing basically the same uniform every day of summer.

So, it was mostly dealer’s choice today. We did the things H wanted to do. It was our last summer morning hanging out in our pajamas together. After we watched Cars she climbed into her Learning Tower and announced, “Mommy! I want cook! I want flour! Cookies!!”

Obviously, we made some cookies. Chocolate chip.



It was her last summer snooze in Mommy and Daddy’s bed.


After lunch we went to see my library for the first time after its renovation this summer; more on that later.

Then we hit up the playground, had an epic dinner of THREE waffles with peanut butter and nutella, a great bath with Adam, and all of the bedtime stories.

Tomorrow, back to school life starts. And so do all of my semi-annual resolutions to be more organized, more present, more on top of stuff. There’s always hope!