Friday night was the 11th anniversary of my first date with Adam (which was also on a Friday). The anniversary must have fallen on a Friday before, but this is the first year I remember it.

So, H spent the night at my mom’s, and Adam and I wandered around Manhattan in the freezing cold of January just like we did back in 2004 when we met. We are too old for stuff like this.

Antiquity aside, we had the best time. Pizza at Lombardi’s, dessert at Little Cupcake Bakeshop, a drink at The Half Pint. We wandered around until we were right in front of the Apple Store, so we went in to get me a new phone. It was time, we’d been talking about replacing mine for a while now.

We stayed in a hotel overnight, and this morning while Adam took the train home I went uptown to pick up a quilt a longarmer friend was working on for me. I also picked up some macarons from a Macaron Cafe and some colorful chocolatey ganache stick things from Dylan’s Candy Bar.

I love when Adam and I can get away together, even for a night, and H loves sleepovers at my mom’s. ¬†She asked to go back to my mom’s tonight, so we’ll have to plan another day away soon. Eleven years, I can’t believe it. So cool!