I always forget my blog’s anniversary. Every year when April rolls around, I think maybe I’ll do a giveaway or write a special post but every year the end of the month comes and I realize I completely forgot.

This year, I managed to only forget by one day. Yesterday, April 16th, was the sixth anniversary of this blog. I cannot even comprehend this. The post you are now reading is the 1,522nd published post on this site.

So, in 6 years:

  • I’ve had one child and 3 jobs.
  • This was my first ever post. (My photos and my sewing were pretty terrible back then).
  • I’ve taken a total of 25 trips, including overnights and a weekend here and there.
  • I’ve posted 237 recipes.
  • I’ve made 40 quilts (and quilted things like table runners).
  • I’ve read 1,467 books. Mostly picture books, and there are a few more from this year’s tally that I’ve neglected to enter in yet.

Plus too many other things to list here. Six years is a lot of life to collect in one place. Here’s hoping for at least another six!