2008 was a big year, and a stressful one. Aside from everything happening in the world right now, personally there was a lot for me. I changed jobs for what feels like the umpteenth time since I finished my Masters, and this time I finally landed in my dream position. Adam and I had our first wedding anniversary and our first full year of home ownership, the latter being much more stressful in the current economic climate. But at the end of the year I have to say I’ve accomplished a lot and am still having a great time every day.

These were my 2008 New Year’s Resolutions, and I’ve crossed off what I accomplished.

  • Use treadmill regularly. (Yeah, that didn’t happen.)
  • Stay current with children’s and YA lit. (My final books read count for the year is 356, I think it’s safe to say mission accomplished.)
  • Read several books off the UK’s Big Read list. (I read one, so that wasn’t really accomplished.)
  • Make friends after moving. (I made a couple of great friends at the public library job.)
  • Find a job I can stay put in. (Done and done!)
  • Get Adam’s green card. (A huge relief.)
  • Build our savings back up post- house and wedding. (Yeah, not in this economy.)
  • Take crafty classes. (Loved my sewing class at Purl.)
  • Stay organized. (Okay, this is highly subjective, but I think I did pretty well.)
  • Take an Adam and Jackie vacation. (We had a couple great weekends, but we’re saving our pennies.)
  • Make an effort to see my friends in NYC. (Now that I’ve moved an hour away, this is daunting. For a North Jersey girl I felt like I should have my passport stamped when we moved down here by the shore. But I managed just fine, I think.)
  • Take a cooking class.
  • Use my studio. (I think anyone who received something handmade from me for Christmas will agree that it got used.)
  • Finish the painting of Adam. (Started it 3 years ago and still haven’t finished.)
  • Keep up with my sketchbooks.
  • Bring my lunch to work. (This kicked in at school more than the public library, but I do bring my lunch every day now.)
  • Brace myself for 30. (I’m planning a great party for The Event in February, so I’m doing alright with that one.)