So 2008 is put to bed. I’m ready for 2009, and I’m ready to turn 30 next month…I think. Here are my 2009 New Year’s Resolutions.

  1. Use the treadmill regularly.
  2. Expand my cooking repertoire (beyond American and Italian).
  3. Open my own Etsy store.
  4. Read 10 books that are not for the 12 and under set.
  5. Take a class in something I’ve never studied before.
  6. Throw at least 3 parties.
  7. Take a Jackie and Adam Only vacation.
  8. Blog every day.
  9. Finish a painting.
  10. Build up savings.
  11. Learn to make clothes.
  12. Learn to print fabric.
  13. Keep using my studio as regularly as in 2008.
  14. Paint the library.
  15. Pack better lunches for myself and Adam.
  16. Manage my time better.
  17. Take active steps to become a better teacher and librarian (professional development, reading, lesson planning).
  18. Join a group: social, crafty, foodie, book, whatever.
  19. See more movies.
  20. Turn 30 fabulously.

Should be easy, right?