We (meaning I) finally carved pumpkins this afternoon. I decided to set up right on the porch so that H could sit and participate in the fun. I knew she wouldn’t actually be able to help much, but at the very least I thought my enthusiasm would be infectious. But this is H participating:
carving2013_1She was totally icked out by the pumpkin innards (understandably). She was much more interested in my iPad and the Pinterest inspiration I was looking at. I even tried to put one of her movies on to keep her excited about hanging out, but it was too bright out there for her to see it. Eventually she just got up and went in the house to play, leaving me by myself! I thought I had years to go before that started happening.

I kept carving.

carving2013_2I had 3 pumpkins and a specific plan for them (3-tiered skeleton), but my third pumpkin had already rotted. Which was fine with me, because all of those pumpkin innards were making me itch after a while. So I went with another plan that involved using the power drill (thanks again, Pinterest!).

H came back to the front door periodically, like she was genuinely surprised to find me still outside with the pumpkins. Clearly she’s too young to appreciate the joys of pumpkin carving.

carving2013_3I like using a power drill for pumpkins.

carving2013_4When Adam got home he set up his tripod to get a proper shot of the finished masterpieces for me. I really, really like them.

Halloween Pumpkins 2013