H was actually seven months old on Monday , but with her fever and ear infection I didn’t really get to even think about it. So here are some photos to commemorate not just her turning 7 months old, but all the crazy baby things she’s been up to this month. I cannot believe she is more than halfway to a year old. She started making raspberries at us tonight at bedtime. Her hair is growing crazy fast. She lives to yell. She is just amahzing, and a total troublemaker.

She has a new hat! We’re very impressed with this one.

This is a terrible photo from my phone, but she is really good at wiggling in reverse now. So good that she got stuck under the couch last week.

And how’s this for gratitude? While I was working on her Halloween quilt last week she inched her way under my sewing desk to harass my toes…

…and then stole the foot pedal from me the second I turned away.

Look at that twinkle in her eyes, she knew what she was doing. She dragged it back towards her Little Apples quilt (her current play mat), so when I went to put my foot back on the pedal without looking it was nowhere to be felt.

Then she was done with me and passed out less than five minutes later.