H is keeping me busy, which is why I’m lucky if I blog once a week these days. I’m sure this blog will get more attention as we get into our groove more and more, but honestly right now it’s just way too much fun snuggling and playing with her in the rare moments when she doesn’t need to be fed, changed, or soothed. The days are just packed, as Calvin and Hobbs would say.

I spend a lot of the day camped out upstairs on our bed with her lying on this fantastic quilt my mom made for her with my stash of Tula Pink’s Prince Charming fabric. She squirreled some away while making my school bag, and it’s H’s favorite place to hang out. One of these days I’ll remember to take photos of the other quilt my mom made her, which is her downstairs playmat.

I can’t believe she’s been here a month already, but I also can’t believe she hasn’t been here forever.