So we checked into the hospital the night of Monday the 12th so I could be induced for medical reasons, the doctor didn’t want to wait too far past my due date (which was Friday the 9th). We’ve now hit the 40 hour mark of waiting here at the hospital. Day One of induction didnt take and Day Two isn’t very eventful yet, either. Except lots more pain and discomfort. But H is perfectly happy where she is and has shown no signs yet of wanting to come meet everyone.

We knew I wouldnt be going too far past my due date, so all of Adam’s parents are in town waiting, but his stepdad has to fly back to England tonight and will miss meeting her. Its stressful, just waiting around and being so uncomfortable. The drugs get things moving, but so far not moving enough. I can’t wait to meet her, and our spirits are pretty high considering Adam and I have been in this hospital room for 2 days. Yesterday they didn’t let me eat anything, but today I had breakfast! And Adam snuck me in a chocolate donut, the most delicious donut I’ve ever eaten.

Here’s hoping she arrives today in time for Pi Day!