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The man quilt is finished and has been delivered to our friend in the hospital. It came together pretty quickly (in about 2 busy work weeks), but I’ve got to say: I have a new respect for people who make apparel. These suiting fabrics are way more difficult to sew than I ever could have guessed. I knew knits were difficult, but I had no idea how difficult some of these could be.

After I cut out all of the strips and sewed them together (4″, 8″, and 10″), I laid out the pattern and sewed the top.

This was tricky, but actually making the quilt sandwich was trickier. I decided to do this like a tie quilt and sew the entire quilt together right sides together, then turn it inside out. So I didn’t make a traditional quilt sandwich with tons of pins and a binding to put the whole quilt together, but if I ever make one of these again I might. It was really difficult to get the shirting fabric on the back to lay smooth while I trimmed and pinned the sandwich. In the end it came together pretty well, but making a traditional quilt sandwich and sewing it with a binder would’ve been easier. But, I’m still really happy with how it looks.

I made it lap-to-throw quilt size, so it’s maybe roughly 60″ by 50″? I should’ve measured it, but it was finished the day before we delivered it.

I like this quilt, and so does Adam. He was a little jealous, and I hope our friend makes wonderful use of it.