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I’ve finished the top for this stroller quilt! So I mentioned before that this was adapted from the “Annabel” quilt design in a special issue of Quilters Newsletter. But I made some changes. I used 6 prints and the chocolate brown solid. From each print I cut a 5″ square, two 2.5″ x 5″ strips, and two 2.5″ x 9″ strips. From the chocolate brown I cut six 5″ squares and 12 each of the 2 strip sizes. I also cut sashing strips in the chocolate brown that were 3.5″ wide. I actually cut several long strips, sewed them to the quilt top, and trimmed them as I went. But the overall size of the quilt top at this moment is 37″ x 27″–smaller than the normal size I’d make a baby quilt, and hopefully perfect for a stroller. I’m going to back this quilt with some flannel to make it a little softer on the baby’s side.

It’s taking me forever to get this quilt finished, and it really was very straightforward. But this summer does equal total lack of productivity. The baby is due in early September, so I still have a week or 2 to pull this one together!