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I’m pretty sure this isn’t what most people have in mind when they see “Las Vegas Shopping,” but I can’t help myself. The truth is, aside from a souvenir pen at CSI: The Experience and a Beatles t-shirt, this is what I shopped for in Vegas. And I’m not sorry! Because this might be my new favorite quilting store.

First of all, this:

And second of all, this:

And might I just mention this? My actual purchases. Well, not the whole bolts…necessarily:

Quiltique was so awesome, and with such ridiculously friendly staff, that any thoughts I’d entertained about an annual pilgrimage to Vegas were completely cemented. I. Will. Return. Example: Halfway to the Grand Canyon that very same day, the shop actually called me to make sure I enjoyed my shopping experience. (So convinced was I of my return that I signed up for their frequent shopper program and apparently gave them my cell#). Also, they have an online store.

I left my heart in a suburban strip mall in Vegas.