Oh, it’s on now. So much to do, so little time. I’m nervous about Adam’s big gift, which is proving to be very tricky.But hopefully I can make it work.

Here’s my December list, it’s my most terrifying yet:

  • Going with Grace and my family to see Santa at Macy’s Herald Square this Sunday.
  • Work party this week (and gift).
  • Finish the tree skirt I’m making.
  • Decorate the tree.
  • Hang the lights/decorate the house.
  • Mail holiday cards (which I don’t even have yet).
  • Prep for our party on the 11th.
  • Our party on the 11th.
  • Order the Christmas turkey.
  • December lesson plans for work.
  • NJASL conference this week.
  • Get through the Book Fair at work.
  • Mail gifts to England.
  • Finish the December challenge for the Philly Modern Quilt Guild.
  • Parties and get togethers with various friends.
  • Finish shopping for my family.
  • Finish shopping for Adam’s family.
  • Finish shopping for friends.
  • Adam’s gifts.
  • Wrap everything.
  • Bake for the neighbors.
  • Prep for Adam’s dad, stepmom, and brother coming to town for Christmas.
  • Stockings for the visiting relatives.
  • Christmas Eve dinner.
  • Christmas Day festivities with both our families.
  • Pack for our trip to Belize with Adam’s family.
  • Start January lesson plans.