We spent a lot of time this weekend celebrating birthdays, and I spent a LOT of time baking.

Yesterday was Adam’s birthday, and I made him devil’s food cake with chocolate buttercream. It was a big hit, I also made his favorite dinner (roast chicken and mashed potatoes).

Then on Sunday, I spent the whole morning and afternoon making Adam brownies and lemon bars to take to work yesterday.

Sunday night we went to dinner with some of my sorority sisters to celebrate our friend Audrey’s birthday. We had the chef’s table at Elements in Princeton, and it was a nice night.

That’s Audrey 2nd from the left. I think she had a great time, I’m not sure. 🙂

This was the highlight of the dinner, the dessert. That eggshell had this fantastic mix of maple brioche on the bottom, a bacon-flavored creme brulee, and then a yummy foam on top. You have to scoop all the way to the bottom to get all three layers, but it was pretty good. That french toast with bacon wasn’t bad, either.

Now I’m taking a few days off from baking before making brownies for school. More on that later this week!