I went to the BlogHer conference in Manhattan this weekend. It was an amazing event for women bloggers, and I met some outstanding people. I stayed out passed 5am yesterday morning, I ate some terrible conference food (seriously, Hilton NY?). I was disappointed about not finding many book bloggers or craft bloggers at the conference. But I did enjoy the atmosphere and loved the people I met. But next year it’s in San Diego, and I don’t think I need to fly cross country for it. If it’s ever in NYC again I might go. Here are some highlights.

The opening breakfast with the founders of BlogHer.

This was a really energizing panel called Gen Y Passionistas. It was run by Jill Feska and Jenn Korducki of Pursuing Our Passion. The focus was creating a business around your passion, whether you quit your day job to do it or build it in your spare time. There were great people here, including Dhara from Edible Bits and a really fun girl named Beti who is just starting up her blog.

Got my milk mustache picture taken at the Got Milk? booth.

And I was very excited to meet The Sun from the Jimmy Dean commercials.

Rachel Devine from the How To Take Great Pictures panel. I thought I’d practice some of her tips during the talk.

Padma Lakshmi was there judging a Hillshire Farms sandwich making competition.

After a night at Randolphs in the Warwick Hotel with Julie (only person I actually knew in my regular life at the conference), and my new friends Shey, Erin (“Ed”), and Mike (none of whom are actually in this picture), some of us stumbled out for delicious halal at an ungodly hour.

Hersheys had a S’Mores suite decorated to look like a campout, complete with stations for actually making s’mores. Very cool, but unfortunately after my late night I was unable to think about food until about 4pm.

Shey and I walked around the city yesterday afternoon after the conference panels ended. She posed with one of the Central Park horses.