And I’m so disappointed. I’ve been having a horrendous week with allergies: headaches, itchy eyes, congestion, etc. Then yesterday afternoon a sore throat set in all of a sudden, and this morning it was even worse. I thought I had strep throat, but a trip to the doctor confirmed it was just a really bad allergy attack. But, I’ve been in no shape to prep food for a party, and now a cough has started. So, definitely not the weekend for hosting.

Which is such a shame because I’d already set up the table for this party theme, and I love it.

Black and white with that great banner and some team color accents. I’ve got the top 3 teams (Red Bull, McLaren, and Ferrari) represented. And I had a great menu planned: lemon bars, smoked salmon sandwiches, various skewers, blueberry muffins, mini fritattas. But there’s just no way I could do all that prep today, so we’re going to try and reschedule for another race this season.