My mom bought me a pair of these LL Bean Hearthside Slippers 2 years ago, and I’ve been hooked ever since. It’s time for my 3rd pair this year (I really wear out slippers), and I’ve done pink and red. I think I want this chocolate brown pair.


I adore this little print from Flapper Doodle. I want to hang it in the library.


I could live in Boden’s clothes if it wouldn’t bankrupt me. I’m in love with this skirt and have 2 other appliqued Boden skirts that I adore, but I’m putting this one here to look at and not buy.


I ordered this skin for my netbook, and it came the other day! Now I can make my computer fancy.


I just found this decal company Single Stone Studios, and they have tons of designs I love (like these birds in cages). The next room we’re doing is the downstairs bathroom, and I’m scoping out accents for the dark purple walls.