We’re kind of doing business as usual here while we wait to hear about the arrangements for Rose. She’s originally from Queens, but she moved to England to live with Adam’s dad and stepmom about 10 years ago. So they’re making arrangements to bring her back to the US to the family plot, and it could be a while.

In the meantime, we’re distracting ourselves. I dropped my sewing machine off to be fixed yesterday, and I won’t have it back until the 10th! My birthday! I’m ready to be done with January and just move on to something new. It was an unexpectedly stressful month, right up the very end.

My mother agreed to loan me her spare machine, a Janome that she keeps for classes. We picked it up today and all had lunch at my family’s favorite restaurant, The Franklin Steakhouse. It’s in my hometown and has become the traditional meeting ground for my family (if you ever have the chance to go, try the Franklin Steak Sandwich or the Italian Steak Sandwich).

So now I’m home figuring out how to use my mom’s machine and trying to think of something to make. But I am no longer without a machine!!