Today was my first true program of the summer. I based it around this fantastic book of poems, The Bookworm’s Feast by J. Patrick Lewis. Lewis did not write all the poems in the book, the last page gives credit to some other writers. But the general idea is that a gentleman bookworm throws a party for his friends, and they dive into the most delicious literature. The poems are about books, animals, lots of great things. I read a selection of poems to the kids, including “The Gentleman Bookworm,” “The Framboise Fair,” “Read…Think…Dream,” and “Two Good Books.” Then I finished with “The End of the Bookworm’s Feast.” The illustrations by John O’Brien are enjoyable, and I think most of the kids liked the poems.

We had a huge group. I think before today the most kids I’d had at a program was about 17. Today I had 40+, and then parents. A lot came in after the reading to do the craft, so it was bustling.

We made bookworm bookmarks, which were very cool and straightforward. The kids really enjoyed them, and even the smallest kids made something great to take home. Ten-year-old Maria (on the far left) got hers spot on. The younger kids, as young as about 4, made great efforts. And everyone walked away happy and with a new bookmark. Googly eyes make the world go around.