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My virtual book club just started its third year, and last week I mailed out the prizes to the big winners from 2016. We don’t read a set book each month, we just read whatever we want and talk about it. The past 2 years I gave out prizes for the most books read, the most pages read, and the most audiobook time listened. This year we’ve moved over to Goodreads, and we’re just straight tracking the number of books read. So, next January I’ll announce a first, second, and third place winner.

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This week has been crazy and emotional, mainly because–after 43 years–my mom has moved out of the apartment where I grew up. She has left my hometown of Nutley, NJ to move closer to her grandbabies. My older brother’s family moved about 15 minutes north of us in May, and my mom is a bit north of them now. It’s a great new apartment; she has so much more room, and better amenities. She has never had a dishwasher until now, and she has a washer and dryer in her new apartment.

It’s a great change, but yesterday was moving day. And it was so tough. I’m still exhausted. H and I drove up in the morning to say goodbye to the old place where I spent the first 18 of my 34 years. I took at least 100 pictures of the apartment and yard while it was emptied by the movers. Then we drove down and hung out with my mom while she was moved into her new place. I was really excited about the new place, but it’s been tough reflecting on such a huge change.

The view of the neighborhood outside the apartment. All of my first day of school photos were taken on those steps.

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Last week my mom and I took H to Fabric Inspirations in Manalapan and then over to Mouse Creek Quilts. It was her first visit to a quilt shop, you can imagine what a hit she was with the quilting ladies.

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