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A lovely friend of mine had twins last week, a boy and a girl. I’d meant to give these to her at a quilt guild meeting last month but couldn’t make it. I made them using my own fabric crown tutorial, and I adjusted them to fit newborn heads. These will adjust from 13″ to 16″ circumference, and they’re reversible. Although twins are usually pretty tiny, so it may still be a while before their little heads fit them.

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I am so exhausted right now, but I haven’t posted in almost a week so I’m manning up. I’ve finally got some good ol’ mental acuity back, and I’ve been using it to take care of business at work. Finally finished the year-long project of (actually, year-long avoiding of) sorting through the files my predecessor left me. I also got another big book order in today, and I’m finally getting pretty organized after the office move. But that has definitely left me sleepy, so I haven’t even had the energy to post last week’s amazing news–that we’re having a girl!

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<—I looked like this.

I was in Kauai, Hawaii with Adam.

It was June 30th; school had been out since the 17th.

I stared at the 1st test I took for ages, I couldn’t believe it. So I took a 2nd test.

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Some great books about new brothers and sisters.


Fine As We Are by Algy Craig Hall is the story of Little Frog and his mom, who live very happily by the pond until all his baby brothers and sisters come along. At first Little Frog finds them annoying and in the way, but he eventually grows to love his bigger family.

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