We gave H this Hape Puppy Pouch kit for Christmas, and we sewed it up this month. I haven’t seen it available anymore, I’m not sure if it’s just sold out or discontinued. But if you can’t find the puppy, here’s the fox kit.

She did a lot of the small details, like the eyes, the nose, and the ears, herself. I stitched the bag together and did most of the straps, but she helped with everything. And was so completely proud of herself when it was finished.

I was surprised at how well she was able to thread the needle. She’s been practicing at school and needed just a little help getting all the strands of this thick embroidery floss through the needle.

The eyes were all her.

The whole kit took about half an hour to make, which was perfect for her attention span. I really, really liked this sewing kit. Very on-target for her age, it set her up for success, she made something she loves (it’s been holding her rock collection and going everywhere with her), and it didn’t take forever. Love love love, and it was a great first sewing project of the year for her. Now she just wants to make more.