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H got all of her blocks back from this summer quilting round robin back in September, and we love them. She’d asked for brown and rainbows, and that is what she got. We haven’t had a chance to sew this quilt together yet, but we will. She’s been less interested in sewing this fall, but she did just ask me the other day if we could make something, so I think we’ll pull these blocks out soon.

Everyone else’s round robin posts are up, too, so you can see what all of the kids (and their parents) made this summer:

G & R of SarahGoerQuilts.com @sarahgoerquilts (We sewed for G)
A & C of BerryBarnDesigns.com @berrybarndesigns
Norah of SwimBikeQuilt.com @swimbikequilt
Caitlyn of @tiffanybaxter (We sewed for Caitlyn)
Sophie of @thefeltedpear (We sewed for Sophie)
Z of AStrangerView.com @astrangerview