We bought H a cedar playhouse from Costco for her birthday back in the spring, but Adam didn’t get a chance to assemble it until a few weeks ago. At first it was too cold to build it, then he broke his toe and couldn’t build it. So, finally, she has her playhouse now in the backyard!

I’m not sure who loves the playhouse more, her or Hamilton.

The two of them are hilarious in that house. He loves it because he’s tall enough to stand up and look out all the windows. And she loves it because it has a phone, a doorbell, and it’s all hers.

It’s been a fun summer watching them settle in. She’s gotten some mail from my librarian mentor, Dee.

This house was a bear to build (all Adam) and a bear to move from the garage to the backyard (the two of us, in the middle of the night, while she was fast asleep). I still have such great memories of playing in my neighbors’ playhouse when I was little. They were older, but they would let me come in and play sometimes. And growing up in apartment, I just thought that little house–and their real backyard, and their real house–was pretty fantastic.

So this is incredibly fun for me, seeing how much she loves it, and how much the dog loves it. I was not expecting the two of them to both hang out, but he trots in there with her when she goes.

I hope the weather holds off long enough this fall that she gets months of play in there until it gets snowed under. Because it’s adorable to see.