Last Sunday H, my brother, my nephew, and I went to Scothigh Farm in Rumson for the VNA Children’s Auxiliary’s Halloween Fest. It was a great fundraiser for the Children and Family Health Institute, and the kids had a ball.

They were the only 2 kids we saw in costume, but listen. Sometimes you don’t go to the party, you are the party. They had such a good time running around in their costumes. She wore her Gecko costume again, and she still loves it.

She was so determined to pull herself up this wall, it was impressive. Everyone was sliding down the wall, even the big kids who could scramble up faster. She got landed on more than once, and I asked her if she wanted me to lift her over the wall and take her out. Nope, she wanted to do it. For a good five minutes she fought to pull her way up, even handing me her socks at one point to try a different tactic. For my little OT kid, it was pretty awesome. She was so excited to get to the top that she just sat there for a minute blocking the slide on the other side to take it all in.







My favorite picture from the day, she loves her Uncle Bobby and her cousin. IMG_3585



Spooky decorations.