I’ve noticed that quilters–the ones who are prominent, well known, with Instagram feeds I aspire to myself–don’t talk about politics. My guild friends talk about it nonstop, but the community at large seems to be pretty neutral. Many of them talk about issues, and man, do we have a history of tackling some issues with fabric and thread. But less specifically about politics and candidates (even if those issues are loaded, politically). I have this sense that it’s something that’s just not done in the professional world of quilting, and I kind of straddle both professional and not. So when I had this banner idea the other night during the DNC, I suddenly got nervous and almost didn’t make it. I’m trying to build something here with my quilting, and I wondered for about 5 minutes if this would be a bad idea.

But, screw it. I felt like I needed to make it, and it’s not like I have a giant following. Or any following! I’m just plugging away trying to make things I’m proud to put my name to and throw out there into the universe. This is a small thing, just a 40″ x 9″ banner. It’s not the neatest quilt I’ve ever made. I was sewing it while sobbing over Hillary Clinton’s nomination speech last night, so my concentration was a little impaired.


But I made it for this little girl. This is how I express my feelings, I pour them into fabric and thread. This year is so divisive, but someday her t-shirt might be true. And whatever politics and values and beliefs she, or any other little girl, grows up to cultivate, whether they align with HRC or not, they’re a little closer to actual reality now than they were a week ago. Because of this nomination. And that’s so huge.



We support anyone who thinks this kid’s future is pretty bright.