A few months back, one of my wonderful NYC guild friends, Nellie, asked me if I’d be interested in designing the free quilt pattern to launch with Cloud9 Fabrics’ new line of Mo Willems’ Knuffle Bunny prints. I am a children’s librarian and a quilter. So this is like asking a unicorn if it wants to frolic in some rainbows with a brand-new sparkle glitter paint set.

The answer is YES.

We are huge Mo Willems fans around here, but who isn’t? I still have a huge stockpile of their Pigeon line from a couple of years ago, H insists on Elephant and Piggie books every single night at bedtime.

I was so excited that Nellie asked me, and thrilled with the whole process of making this quilt. The design is very simple, meant for beginning sewists. The finished quilt hung in the Cloud9 booth at quilt market earlier this fall. Which was a great big huge deal for me, I am so grateful to be given the opportunity.

Knuffle Bunny 2

I’ve been waiting to post about this one until the pattern was all written and up on Cloud9’s site. And here it is!

Adam shot the photos above. Here are some in-progress photos of this one.




I can’t wait to do something like this again.