‘Tis the season! And it’s been a great one, but I could sleep for days. I made a huge Christmas Eve dinner, Christmas dinner, and some stuff for Boxing Day brunch this morning. I’ve never used so much butter, cream, and flour in all my days.


We picked out a tree Thanksgiving weekend.


We made it sparkle.


I got all fancied up for Adam’s work party…


…which was at the Boom Boom Room. *pinkies up*


H took her first train ride. We took the train into Manhattan earlier this week…


…to see Santa at Macy’s Herald Square.

Christmas 2014

I had a lull on Christmas Eve while the pork roast was in the oven (note for next year, I seared that thing in butter for ages and roasted it in my enamel pot according to America’s Test Kitchen timings), H was napping, and no one else was around. So…I had an alcoholic beverage and watched Die Hard.


I also made Yorkshire pudding for the first time! From a Pioneer Woman recipe in the December Food Network Magazine. I compared recipes with The Constance Spry Cookery.


After dinner H and I made chocolate chip cookies for Santa. We put carrots out for the reindeer.


Christmas morning Monkey Bread. One of the only Christmas Day photos I took, I was too busy cooking and eating. I roasted the potatoes in tons of butter this year, it was The Year of Butter. Also, Brussels sprouts. And I finally managed not to turn the sausage balls into hockey pucks. I made Triple Chocolate Peppermint Trifle, too. Because Christmas. And Adam made waffles for Boxing Day brunch with my family while I made this frittata.

Now Adam and his brother Thomas are downstairs playing video games, H is finally asleep, and I am going to go sew something. Happy Holidays!