We’ve picked so. many. peaches this summer, you guys. H and I went once in early August, and the peaches were gorgeous but not ripe yet. I attempted to make a disastrous batch of roasted peach butter with them and then gave up on the lot. We went again the week before last, and the peaches were ripe and totally glorious. We’ve been doing things. And we still have more peaches to deal with. Our freezer will be overflowing with this summer’s goodness well into the winter (happy dance that we bought a stand-alone freezer for the garage this year!).

I did succeed in making some really yummy peaches and cream ice pops with the first batch of peaches using this Bon Appetit recipe for them (but I used a splash of vanilla extract instead of beans.

peach pops

H approved of the pops.

H with a peach pop

Then I tried roasting some of the not-quite-ripe peaches in a 15-year-old Pyrex. They never softened enough to even remove the skins, and they quickly turned into a charcoal mess. Totally gross.

And to make matters worse, after I scraped all the burned peaches that were glued onto the pan, I used it to make one of my favorite easy recipes for my in-laws. And the pan actually blew up when I put hot potatoes into it. Just shattered instantly into a million pieces, right in my face. Scared the pants off of me.

But I recovered and was undeterred. We went peach picking while my in-laws were in town the Friday before Labor Day, and this time the peaches were amazing.

peach picking

And I tried again with peach butter. And succeeded.

peach butter

Oh, man. This time I made the butter exactly the same way I made apple butter a couple of years ago (complete with two-day process of lengthy slow cooking). And I couldn’t get enough of that stuff, so I think it was a good call. The peach stuff was pretty scrumptious on my toast the next morning.

I’m hoping to do some more things with peaches in the very near future, we shall see. This may not be the last you hear about them….