I love making applesauce. It’s just so easy. Last fall I made tons of it while we were working on getting H to eat solids. I went through so many apples from local farms and markets, and I made two batches using my favorite recipe, but this time I didn’t add any seasoning at all. Just straight up apples for the little lady learning to eat. She hated it, of course, so I have been eating all of it myself through the winter.


I don’t know if you can tell, but I made two batches with two different sets of apples. See the color difference in that jar on the left?

My first batch was much lighter.



My second batch had a more golden brown color to it.

2013applesauce4I’m making my notes here so I’ll remember what I did next time. I’m trying to be good and wait until fall rolls around again to get apples in season. This is incredibly difficult for me as I find apples to be one of the most tempting things in the store. Clementine once noted that all food that is good is round. She is on to something there, but I’m holding out for fall. Maybe by then H will like the stuff.