2013ballooninflationI’m thankful for my amazing husband and daughter, who love me enough to do things like come with me to the Macy’s parade balloon inflation yesterday. In the rain, then in the freezing rain, just to help honor my favorite tradition.

I’m thankful that even though I lost my job this year I seem to be finding my way.

I’m thankful that H had such an amazing time with her cousins today. They chased each other and played all afternoon, and H had one of the best times I’ve ever seen her have. It’s really the first time I’ve seen her light up around her extended family and visibly enjoy their company. She’s always happy to see them (except, apparently, my brother–she cries every time he walks in the door and then warms up to him after an hour or so), but now she plays with them. I had no idea how cool that would be to watch.

hannahgracethanksgiving2013I’m thankful that I finished the mountain of ironing and laundry folding this week. Seriously, there were shorts in those piles from ages ago.

I’m thankful for my local Whole Foods for introducing me to these:

thanksgiving2013cheeseAnd to this:

briecakethanksgiving2013They demo’d this a few weeks ago, and I was hooked. And it was a big hit today. Cut a wheel of brie in half, then layer the cheese, fig jam, and crushed marcona almonds. Serve on wafer-thin crackers, it was fantastic!

I’m thankful for my mom, who is the most amazing nana. She watches H about once a week so I can have a day to work on things, and she and H have sleepovers at her house sometimes so Adam and I can have date nights. Because of her I saw Catching Fire on opening day last week (love, love, loved it!), and Adam and I recently saw Gravity at the local dine-in movie theater. Like real adults, I had a libation and a bag that was not full of sippy cups, diapers, and toy remote controls!

I’m thankful for the meal I cooked today, with help (my brother and co. brought pie, Adam did mashed potatoes, my mom did rolls, my aunt did the dishes). I am much, much better at accepting help than I was before motherhood. I’m thankful for that, too. It makes me way more relaxed when cooking big holiday meals like this.


thanksgiving2013_2I’m thankful that everyone is healthy and awesome. I’m thankful that my family was here, that I didn’t overcook the turkey, and for the hour I spent in the tub watching Arrow after everyone had gone home.

I’m thankful for Instagram (even though Adam absolutely hates it) because I spent less time taking fancy photos and editing them on my computer before posting them.

Now I’m thankful that Christmas is coming. And that everyone will be merry!